What is Keyword Research?

Keyword Research is the process of finding the best keywords or queries to target in your Search Engine Optimisation Campaign. What would a potential customer type in to google in order to find your site? This is the most relevant question that should be asked. There is no point in targeting the query “Electrician Sydney” when your site your and main business is in Melbourne.



What is the difference between a good keyword and a bad keyword?

  1. A good keyword should have low competition. What is low competition? This means that the sites competing for this keyword have not performed a great amount of Search Engine Optimisation on their site. Their are many factors involved in determining whether another site is a strong competitor. One factor is domain age – how long the competitor site has been around for. There are many other factors involved. We have the necessary tools to evauluate the competitiveness of keywords for you.
  2. High Search Volume. A good keyword should be searched on google often enough to justify targeting the keyword. The higher the search volume the better. This should always be balanced with the competitiveness of the keyword as discussed above.
  3. Likely to convert. There is no point in targeting a keyword and gaining front page on google for that keyword when the keyword is not likely to convert the customer. An example of this is to target the keyword “Free Pet Tags” for your Pet Tag site. If you are selling Pet Tags and not giving them away for free then you are not likely to convert the customer.
  4. Relevancy of keywords. Keywods should always be relevant to the site. Using Pet Tags once again, you would find that the keyword “dog tags” is searched for extensively on google and sounds relevant to the niche. The problem is that the majority of customers that performed the search “dog tags” are in fact looking for the military tag and not the pet tag. A better keyword would therefore be “dog tags for dogs”.
  5.  Cost per click of the keywords. When using Google Adwords, you wouldn’t want your keywords to cost a small fortune when placing them on the first page. This is more so the case when selling products or services with a small value or margin. If you are selling, for example, a iPhone case for $10 and the keyword “iPhone Case” requires a $2 spend per click to appear on the first page of google, it would be far too expensive to advertise the product.

What can we do for you?

We work with the client to come up with the best keywords to target for their niche. What do we mean by the “best” keywords? This means that the keywords would have Low Competition, High Search Volume, Relevant to the website topic, Likely to convert, and have a low CPC.

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